Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad ~ Gambar Foto Modifikasi Mobil Mewah Baru Bekas
Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad

Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad

Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad modifikasi
Car launched by PT. Indonesia Fin Tetra berpenggerak this 4 × 4 with the withdrawal of iron pipe sasis car offroad. The engine is 180cc, 2-weight of 275kg and tax. With the reliability and body as he is very strong in the field of weight even though, for the road conditions with the slope of 45 degrees and can be sloppy with the easy and secure, and the rise of extreme derivative does not have a problem. This is because Fin-Komodo is a product of the National children's nation building, designed by the engineers that India has experienced in the field of technology because it is the author of the PT. Dirgantara Indonesia under the leadership Ibn Susilo. Conditions for the shrub (not a road), the Fin Komodo can be used as a pioneering vehicle (pacesetter) so it will be very efficient and save time in the job. However, the features tape, powersteering, etc.. clearly does not exist, because the car is designed for the heavy terrain. With drive-FIN KOMODO this, the drivers I need for special skills on the streets mengemudikannya both dry and wet roads, and luggage is available which can carry goods or the garden seberat approximately 200 kg. type for the single seat and 100 kg of goods to type double seats.
Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad 2009 Indonesia
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