Car research joint partner Lecturer UNNES (Semarang State University), Arina Widya Aryadi with the assistants, the assistant-modifikasi the car in order to be accepted in Indonesia. Cs Aryadi perhaps also have created a assembly factory in Semarang, the name Arina (Fleet Indonesia). Car motorized Viar 150cc (temporarily) with a top speed of consumption 70km/jam and 1: 40 km. Not afraid too small engines? at least the body will modified with the target under 350 kg. Handling the car will be enhanced and added peranti the front bonnet.

Gambar Mobil INKA GEA and spesifikasi 2009 (Mobnas)

Gambar Mobil INKA GEA and spesifikasi 2009 (Mobnas)
Cars are often mini-habitat in urban areas can bermain2 at Mount Lawu. This car has been tested up to 10.000km track with the various tracks such as the Mount Lawu. With capital 650cc car can still get on the road torsi hill. The most prominent is here? according to the name GEA (Rollover Alternative Energy), the cars are the same as the hybrid.yang Tawon. This car can be the Gas Fuel (BBG), but can also be Premium, a brilliant innovation. With the hybrid engine, the consumption of GEA obtain 1: 30 km.even classified super economical. This machine is also quite smooth and 80% use the local component and a joint venture with a Chinese company. Predicted the car is in the range of Rp.45-50 million not including completeness and AC, and Tape Stereo Power Window. According INKA, network and after-sales service are being prepared in various cities.
Gambar Mobil INKA GEA and spesifikasi 2009 (Mobnas) very good to modifikasi
Harga: Rp.45-50
Mesin: hybrid

Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad

Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad modifikasi
Car launched by PT. Indonesia Fin Tetra berpenggerak this 4 × 4 with the withdrawal of iron pipe sasis car offroad. The engine is 180cc, 2-weight of 275kg and tax. With the reliability and body as he is very strong in the field of weight even though, for the road conditions with the slope of 45 degrees and can be sloppy with the easy and secure, and the rise of extreme derivative does not have a problem. This is because Fin-Komodo is a product of the National children's nation building, designed by the engineers that India has experienced in the field of technology because it is the author of the PT. Dirgantara Indonesia under the leadership Ibn Susilo. Conditions for the shrub (not a road), the Fin Komodo can be used as a pioneering vehicle (pacesetter) so it will be very efficient and save time in the job. However, the features tape, powersteering, etc.. clearly does not exist, because the car is designed for the heavy terrain. With drive-FIN KOMODO this, the drivers I need for special skills on the streets mengemudikannya both dry and wet roads, and luggage is available which can carry goods or the garden seberat approximately 200 kg. type for the single seat and 100 kg of goods to type double seats.
Gambar Mobil (Mobnas) FIN KOMODO offroad 2009 Indonesia

Gambar Mobil Tawon and Spesifikasi

According to the CEO of Super Gasindo PT Jaya, Koentjoro Njoto, the use of the name "Tawon" taken, considering the animal Tawon beast better known as the diligent work. Okelah name but I can simple feature? Cars ala cah Banten this 650cc hybrid plant, especially the BBG performance combined with fuel and the guaranteed standards EURO 3 for environment-friendly gas consumption, Gas mmm galakkan use apparently. Kelengkapan bole diadu same as Tata Nano powersteering, AC, etc.. However, regulation will be addressed dashboard back.

engine: 650cc hybrid
price: Rp.48 million, --
Fuel: petrol

Gambar mobil Tata Nano 2009 in Indonesia from India

Gambar mobil Tanta Nano Indonesia
Tata Nano is already a cheap car icons in the eyes of the world, was launched in 2008 since then. Ratan Tata is the mastermind behind the birth of the car bargains record Perodua Kelisa. This car is quite dipersenjatai engine with a 624 cc two-cylinder with a top speed of only 105 km / hour. Berpenumpang four car born from this idea to see Ratan Tata after the fact that in India many people do-do into a motorcycle. Mmm, ugly culture that I have the same difference we see with the full motor capacity will inspiration to create a car that fit but with a lot cheaper. The car is named Tata Nano, the name is inspired from the iPod Nano is simple and practical, according nicknamenya "people's car". The success of Tata Nano is finally brought to Europe with a more modern version as a competitor with a variety of Smart peranti enhanced.

2 cylinder petrol with Bosch multi-point fuel injection (single injector) all aluminum 33 horsepower (25 kW) 624 cc (38 cu in)
Value Motronic engine management platform from Bosch
2 valves per cylinder overhead camshaft
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Bore × stroke: 73.5 mm (2.9 in) × 73.5 mm (2.9 in)
Power: 33 PS (33 hp/24 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 48 N m (35 ft lbf) @ 2500 rpm
Rear wheel drive, 4-speed manual transmission
Steering: mechanical rack and pinion

Acceleration: 0-70 km / h (43 mph): 14 seconds
Maximum speed: 105 km / h (65 mph)
Fuel efficiency (overall): 20 kilometres per liter (5 L/100 km (47 mpg-US / 56 mpg-imp))

Suspension, tires and brakes
Front brake: disc
Rear brake: drum
Front track: 1.325 mm (52.2 in)
Rear track: 1.315 mm (51.8 in)
Ground clearance: 180 mm (7.1 in)
Front suspension: McPherson strut with lower A arm
Rear suspension: Independent coil spring
12-inch wheels

Body and dimensions

Seat: 4 with seat belt
Wheelbase 2.230 mm (87.8 in)
Length 3100 mm (122 in)
Width 1500 mm (59.1 in)
Height 1600 mm (63 in)

Kerb weight 580 kg (1.300 lb) -600 kg (1.300 lb) Fuel capacity 15 L (4 U.S. gal / 3 imp gallons)
Harga baru:24 jutaan..

Gambar Mobil Toyota Alphard 2.4 G

Stan Toyota Astra Motor, which displays a line up of Toyota, the third day delivery Indonesian International Motor Show. Alphard generation that was launched on Friday (24/07) that, indeed different from the preceding. Capacity of the machine, Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) of the premium Trah Toyota, the plant VVTI 2400 cc four-cylinder. While the preceding, motorized 3500 cc.
New 2009 Toyota Alphard 2.4 Gambar Mobil Toyota Alphard 2.4 G
In the body, the latest variants of the Alphard, more compact. Cars that have seat eight passengers, the 4850 has dimensions of length and dilego in the millimeter range Rp 770 - Rp 800 million. Price is not much different with the Toyota Vellfire Z variants were imported by general importers.

Toyota Alphard G 2.4 has 170 horsepower at 6000 rpm torsi. While torsi maximum 224 Nm at 4000 rpm. Meanwhile, consumption of baker reach 11.6 per kilometer distance is adopted. "Self-irit, to the size of a premium MPV

New Honda Freed 2009 Review and spesifikasi

Honda released, alternative of MPV of the fenomenal of Honda. The fenomenalnya of Saking, released add the tunggunya much more prolonged of list (pivot). The Honda pint prospect the pivot says Honda of engine (HPM) released already reached 4.800 units. In fact, the preceding target of HPM only free from 1000 units per month. Then market demand of gathering of mampukah of Honda?

It was the marketing director and the after-sales service HPM, Jonfis Fandy, Honda hold IIMS, in JIEXpo Kemayoran.

The rises with the request, go Jonfis, as Honda does not want to have to work more to increase the production of Honda released, or even increases the capacity to produce of the manufacturer, not to disturb the other products.

When the preceding dipatok only 1000 units per month, under this condition, as narrowly as possible should be able to reach at least 1500 units per month, it indicated.

Thus, with the increase in the production of target, the work hours of factory must be added of a shift with two shifts, which also automatically add the cost of operations.

However Jonfis is little laid out to indicate the additional investment for additional work that the hours are. Information there will be little investment. But quantity that I cannot say, its buckling.
New Honda Freed 2009 Review and spesifikasiGambar Honda Freed 2009
The released sales reaching more sales 1000 of unit is an achievement for Honda, at least as successful rival competitors which earlier have successfully the sale more than 1000 units. Free from them with the Entertaiment concept, Honda released is modified according to the entertaimen needs, particularly in acoustics and the visual one.

At least there are 3 pieces of screen of monitor of posting to liquid crystals, loudspeakers, and 6 units which are included in all the released fuselages.

Sporting family then free, where the bagassi of space behind released the diaplikasi already a support which can put the shoes or the equipment of sports, such as golf of ball and bag.

There is also Honda released is already seen flat, with the addition of the bodykit of Mugen. Start from before grill to the bottom, by adding the lamp of fog, and the spoiler of sideskirt to the poop, so that makes more sight of sporti released.

Moreover, Honda also supplement this with the jazz of Honda launched by IIMS with the last colors, namely yellow of Gelios. The newest colors of jazz are available only per hour of the exposure with the number of IIMS only 60 units. For the price, there is no change.

Kemeriahan Honda are held is equipped with consecutive create the creative goods of re-used materials. Presence of alternatives Honda 's MPV compact, which is released which is considered too much fenomenal made with 7 the seater MPV which eat the market segment, and jazz Honda CR-V of Honda.
Gambar Honda Freed 2009 baru

It is not without reason. The position released to see which is in the medium between the jazz of Honda and Honda CR-V, with 7 a type of the seater MPV, and the competitive price, making in Indonesia the consumers always tend to connect the released directed MPV.

_ to see the wholesale Gaikindo data per month there is in June to coincide with beginning it Honda order to release. Is released that to captivate the memesannya consumers. And up to now, there were 3.301 units which were ordered released.

An important order of the released sales figures which it jazz and CR-V. Consequently, both the position terlempar of car rather than 10 terlaris monthly of car which we often peeled.

However, the marketing director and driving Jonfis Fandy of prospect for Honda pint of after-sales service refute it.

According to him, the assistance since the beginning of Honda released is not designed to take at the market a another product of Honda. Since indeed, each product that Honda would have launched clearly different segments.

Tant of people speaks like that, but I do not make, hein segmentasinya much different between these three types.

Users such as Honda CR-V, they clearly will not want to go down to Honda released, because all their needs are certainly to terakomodir by CR-V.

Unless the user to buy the car of CR-V still, Honda released, it can, because released also disasarkan like second car can, its buckling.

Jazz of Begitupun Honda with much of commutation on Honda released. It was the case, but not because the market takes the released jazz of Honda.

But him 's the user who the jazz is more than 5 years, and has a family now, thus it needs a vehicle of more than capacity, such as Jonfis released, known as.

For this reason, plus Jonfis, the assistance released to all the market does not make the jazz Honda CR-V or accidentally eaten by the seater Honda of MPV 7, because each one has its own segmentation.

Photos et preço do 2009 Citroen C4 Sedan Wallpaper after service manual

Estabilidade of procuram of of truck of Para bone amantes of carro, conforto, autom vel of novo of seu of end of support of busca of voc of of requisitos of principais of esses of preencher of para of specified voc of of carro of the E O of truck of Citroen C4 of novo of the originator O of lindo of UM of the seguran E. Velocidade Of 190Km of uma of atinge of the cable E of the motoriza 1.6 E 2.0 of uma of COM of told novo C4 Pallas of the autom tico O of c4 mbio of COM. Som MP3, Bluetooth, bags with air para of COM of equipado of E of autom vel of O of E a seguran of sweated. The pre of the conforto O of tanto of COM of the completo E of of carro of Apesar of ser um make the oferece of that of pelo of mercado of the acess vel ao of est of truck of Citroen C4 of novo. Between variar R$ 61.420 of pode of bravery of O modelo E of R$ 67.610 Dependendo O a motoriza.
Photos et preço do 2009 Citroen C4 Sedan Wallpaper after service manual
The fotos of algumas of Will preserve make the former categoria DA of bonitos of but of truck of carros of DOS of UM of sendo of continuum of of that of truck of Citroen C4 of novo of for the third time of mudado of muito of esteticamente of vers apesar of the DA.

New bmw Z4 Modification 2009 AND LITLE SPECIFICATION:T

These small convertible sport scar/was presented after a great success of former generation of Z3. Since this car is a two-seater, it planned for the young people, however also older generations like thanks of this car to its model and dynamics.

Little specification of BMW Z4 2009 is actuated with these engines:
* cylinder 2.0 4; 110kW (150hp), 200 nanometer; 0-100 km/h by 8.2 S
* cylinder 2.2 6; 125kW (170hp), 210 nanometer; 0-100 km/h by 7.7 S
* cylinder 2.5 6; 141kW (192hp), 245 nanometer; 0-100 km/h by 7.0 S
* cylinder 3.0 6; 170 kilowatts (231hp), 300 nanometer; 0-100 km/h by 5.9 S
The economy of fuel is between 8.2 and 9.1 l/100km. But single purchases this car for its economy of fuel. The suspension of wheel was inspired by BMW E46 - class 3. The size of frame of Z4 is lower of 10mm. The Z4 actions are initialized in tires 205/55 R 16 (engines 2.0i and 2.2i), 225/50 R 16 (engine 2.5i) and 225/40 R 17 (engine 3.0i). Its roof of imagination can be open or closed in 10 seconds. Your luggage can be transported in small, but proportioned with trunk (260 liters).
Sell in ASIA , Indonesia, singapore and other....

New Toyota sienna 2011 Wallpaper|interior design

Each family will like Toyota 2009 Sienna with it 'the duelles sliding doors of S, the park of entertainments visual available and the roomy interior.
Models 2008 of Toyota Sienna of siennaThe of Toyota of purchase asserts 210 an engine of valve DOHC V6 of the liter 24 of the powers in horses 3.0 with VVT-i. Devices 2009 of execution of Toyota Sienna include:
4 speeds electronically ordered the automatic transmission with the intelligence (ECT-i)
The order with nose gear wheels motor coaches transformed into units the body with the suspension antivibrationne of before strut of MacPherson of sub-frame with the shock absorbers and the bar full of gas of stabilizer (2009)
Toyota Sienna Variable-help the direction of support-and-pinion
Disc before ventilated Power-assisted; brakes drum postpones with the system of brake ABS (ABS).The order 2009 available of skid of vehicle of Toyota Sienna (VSC) and orders traction of TRAC with the Sienna assistance of brake marked better in a general way in an institute of insurance for the test of accident of safety of road than any other monospace than they examined. They called it has better selection. And the administration of road safety of national motorway allotted to him five stars for the driver and safety before passenger.
Flying Leather-wrapped included with the symphony and models 2008 of Toyota Sienna XLE.
It is large minis van, Toyota still does it with new Sienna 2008. We encourage you to excavate deeper while checking behind periodically with our review 2009 of new Toyota Sienna and by glanant Sp�c. and articles which we will provide.
New Toyota sienna 2011 Wallpaper|interior design

Swedish car modification 2009 classic cars by manual service

There was many of many cars which were inspired through the history of the modification of car, of the first hot stems to hold outside of the legends like Hirohata Merc and 70 savages 'of the cars of exposure of S. It was one of first Datsuns to obtain the insurance in the new era of the retro car modifying with RU.� It proved that this often above the manufacturer of car looked at deserved the attention for more than just the 240Z.� Swedish car modification 2009 classic cars, Almost maniablement choose the inclusion of this in a device on the Japanese cars in retro the caused part of cars by store of the modern resurgence of interest in 70 'the Japanese cars of S, in particular Datsuns.Twice with the flight with SOWED by Volvo to put on posting, it enough cleaned much allots it everywhere entered strongly - the competing Swedish scene of modification of car. Swedish car modification 2009 classic cars pics.
� It is important because it pushed the limits again, Koenisegg slows down, a yelling engine of 600 BHP and completely a glance of killer.� Completely functional/sexy interior a total hybrid of the influences of hot stem, habit and race.� Done everything with expert competence and a true eye for the detail.

How to introduction of HOUSING Bell Mercruiser parts repair manual components:

Sample Table of Contents for Mercruiser Parts Repair Manual

Gimbal Housing Ball Bearing
Transom Shift Cable
Exhaust bellows
U-Joint bellows
Bell Housing
Gimbal Ring
REMOTE Control is the best

Bravo Shift Cable Service
Shift Cable

Cooling the practical

Engine in-Line w / Std. Sys.
V8 Engine w / Std. Sys.
V8 engine w / sys Closed.

A good water pump

Water Pump Impeller

MANIFOLDS drain repair

470 Engine
Ford V8 Engine
Chevrolet V8 Engine

Stern DRIVE the best way to pump water

Lowest Unit

BRAVO ON Engine water pump introduction



Charging SYSTEM



Ignition system
Compression test

Exhaust manifold SERVICES

Piston, RING


FUEL Pumps and filters

Single Pump diaphragm
Dual-diaphragm Pump
Pump fuel
Fuel filter
Separate water filter




Carter RBS


Rochester 2GC


Rochester 4MV

Four Barrel


Two-Barrel - 2300C
Four Barrel - 4150, 4160, 4011 &


Ballast resistor


Spark Plug


Delco Remy --
Point Gap


TRIM cylinder

Upper Body HOUSING

U-Joint, Drive Gear and Bearing
Top Gear Home
Top Driveshaft
Gear driven
Driven Gear Shimming
U-Joint Bearing
Drive Gear Shimming

Lowest UNIT

Reverse Bearing Carrier
Propeller shaft
Advanced Accessories
Reverse Gear
Wings Gear
Gear Shimming
Water pump

Mercruiser Engine Parts Click Here
Click here for Mercruiser Parts Warehouse

Bearing arms and
Shifter bushing
U-Joint shaft
Propeller shaft Bearing
Bearing Carrier
Drive Gear and Bearing
Driveshaft Bearing Races
Drive Gear and Driveshaft


Wings Gear
Driveshaft early


Fuel system

Yamaha - Clymer ATV manuales de reparación - manual de servicio

Yamaha - Cada Clymer Repair Manual contiene las siguientes:
* Hábil pulgar pestañas poner el capítulo que necesita a su alcance
* Las substeps ampliar el procedimiento de reparación información
* Notas, advertencias y avisos a través de cada capítulo identificar la información crítica
* Guía de instrucciones numeradas en cada procedimiento de reparación paso a paso
* Negrita cifra ayudarle rápidamente a los números coinciden con las ilustraciones con las instrucciones
* Las ilustraciones, dibujos y fotografías le guía a través de cada procedimiento
* Vistas le ayudará a identificar y examinar en detalle las partes
* Numerada tabla de contenido fácil de utilizar para que usted pueda encontrar la información que necesita rápidamente
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